Patience (Diced Pineapples Remix)

by Gavriel

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Rick Ross named this song Diced Pineapples because, after suffering from a seizure, his Doctor told him he needed to eat a healthier diet that consisted of fruits and vegtables, the only fruit he could enjoy on a day to day basis were Diced Pineapples. They keep him going, and who knows what would happen without them - This song is about my Diced Pineapple

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Instrumental - Rick Ross - Diced Pineapples (feat. Wale & Drake)


Diced Pineapple.
Its really none of my business how this night might unravel.
And I'm not even sure what your searchin' for...
Be it, a knight a shining armor, or bass that hits a little harder.
If you need a drink of water then let me know and I'll cool you down.
Cruise around the universe and show you a how a star is born.
Far from norm, You stand out like you hate taking a minute to yourself -
And I respect that.

Diced pineapple.
Tell heaven they lost an angel tonight, I wont let the sky have you
Thank Gravity for leading you down to me
Momma didn't raise no fool, so I would never ask for the cow for free
You empower me, in ways I thought were fiction.
If that smiles a drug then ill be guilty of addiction
So put that guard down and let me see how well you fit between these arms.
Anything to show you that I don't mean harm
We start when you want to and not a second sooner
So calm down, Sunshine....
Take a deep breath, and let me show you how beautiful you really are...

Uh, eyes like diamonds, lips like a rose.
Met her at the end of every road I ever chose.
From chest to her toes - I know I don't talk about women much, so I guess that just goes to show
How life can keep the greatest secret from you 'til you need it most
So every time I look at her its like I just seen a ghost.
She don't even need to boast, hears a toast to all the hurt she took in
I call her life: how to build the perfect woman
So inhale and help me sweep her off her feet
And if she gets to sleep I hope she was the sweetest dreams
Cause when she wakes up tomorrow, early in the morning
That's when I bet Ill make her speak in tongue, like she was foreign
Cause nothings more important then the kisses to her forehead.
And man, that the realist shit that I've ever written or said.
Always had the key but never shewas the latch
She even wears chucks, so our all stars match

She gets to see my passion and im not talkin' 'bout rappin'
And I dont know how it happened, from her laughter to her fashion
She's just askin' for some action
Until they lay me in a casket
I'm gonna use all my tactics
Til she tells me I can have it

Ill be Patient...(x3)

Mind of a genius, body of a genie
Id Tell her that she's perfect but she prolly wont believe me
As easily as she came, she can go, so I hold her
Cause I don't wanna be another file in her folder
The wind is gettin' colder, and we just growin' older
When you cry ill be your shoulder, from the start until its over
and I've got a diploma in lettin' you reach your quota
and helping you let go of the things that you have no control of
I wanna watch her paint in the rain
Aim to maintain, my place in her brain
Mrs. Independent can I stay in your lane?
Cause I know I spit fire, but your like gas to my flame
I'm captivated, ill never pass on my favorite, I can't act like it didn't happen while gaspin' for her fragrance.
I get to watch her grow while I'm takin' over airwaves
I give her my heart she gives me her's and I call that a fair trade.

She gets to see my passion and I'm not talkin' 'bout rappin'
And I don't know how it happened, from her laughter to her fashion
She's just askin' for some action
Until they lay me in a casket
I'm gonna use all my tactics
Til she tells me I can have it

Ill be Patient...(x3)


released December 24, 2012
Produced by Cardiak
Originally performed by Rick Ross, Wale and Drake



all rights reserved


Gavriel Saratoga Springs, New York

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